World Mental Health Day

A Kelly Holding event in partnership with Infinite Mindcare


The Concept

A half day conference to mark World Mental Health Day on TUESDAY, 10 OCTOBER @ CAMANA BAY CINEMA from 10AM TO 2PM

Attendees will have the opportunity to attend a variety of sessions led by Infinite Mindcare’s team of Masters and PhD CPAM-registered therapists. Every hour there will be six (6) sessions for attendees to choose from with topics such as Cultivating Self-Esteem, Taking Care of your Nervous System, Anxiety in the Workplace, Intergenerational Trauma, Breaking Bad Habits, Society's Impact on Mental Health, The Way We Talk About Mental Health to Ourselves, Emotional Regulation for Managers, Burnout Workshop and Healing from Trauma.

In between sessions there will be networking opportunities, mindful puzzles and games, head and neck mini massages and refreshments. This is a perfect opportunity for individuals and work teams to get out of the office and still be in a productive environment.


On World Mental Health Day 2023 (WMHD), Kelly Holding Ltd. in partnership with Infinite Mindcare, hosted the first mental health symposium targeting the corporate community. Even with a shorter lead time than preferred, the event was a resounding success with about 200 attendees across the 12 information sessions. For 2024 we will build on that success, utilising six meeting spaces to be able to offer 24 sessions and to accommodate more than twice as many people.

The impact of mental health challenges in the workplace continues to increase. Mental Health First Aid England (MFHA) reports that mental health issues accounted for more than half of all work-related illnesses in the UK in 2023, and that around 51% of long-term sick leave is due to stress, depression, or anxiety. In addition, one in five UK workers reported feeling unable to manage stress and pressure in the workplace while a third of managers feel out of their depth supporting their team with mental health concerns. Research from Deloitte UK also found that 64% of managers have considered quitting for a job that would better support their wellbeing. According to Forbes Health, the impact that depression and anxiety has on the global economy can be measured in $1 trillion of lost productivity each year!

Although similar data may not be readily available, it is safe to say that the workforce in the Cayman Islands is also grappling with many of these issues. On WMHD 2023, Dr. Omotayo Bernard, head of the Behavioural Health Department at the Cayman Islands Health Services Authority, revealed that the largest group accessing mental health services in 2022 was people aged 25 to 44. These are individuals in the workplace - our colleagues, managers, friends, CEOs.

It was with all these statistics in mind that the WMHD symposium was created.

Next Steps

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